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ATS Kids Center

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  1. Early Tech Explorers (3-4 years)

This program introduces preschoolers to the basics of technology through playful, story-based activities that integrate simple coding concepts and robotics with art and music. Early Tech Explorers encourages imaginative play and early problem-solving skills, setting a joyful first step into the world of STEAM.

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  1. Junior Innovator (5-8 years)

Junior Innovators dive into a world where technology meets creativity. This membership includes engaging activities in coding using kid-friendly programming platforms, basic robotics, and digital arts. It promotes the development of early technical skills through art projects and storytelling, making learning both fun and educational.

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  1. Tech Pioneer (9-12 years)

Tech Pioneers expand their horizons with intermediate coding projects, robotics construction, and tech-driven art creations. This program also introduces them to the basics of 3D printing and simple electronics, encouraging members to think creatively about how to integrate technology with traditional art forms, thus fostering a more holistic understanding of STEAM.

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  1. Tech Innovator (13-15 years)

Tech Innovators tackle advanced topics such as app development, complex robotics, and digital multimedia arts. This category offers workshops in graphic design and video production, blending technical skills with artistic expression. Members are encouraged to develop their unique projects, bridging technology with personal interests such as music and digital storytelling.

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  1. Tech Elite (16-17 years)

Designed for those on the cusp of a professional career or higher education, Tech Elite provides advanced training in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, paired with technical workshops in digital arts and design thinking. The program includes collaborative projects and internships, helping members apply their STEAM skills in real-world settings and prepare for future challenges in technology and the arts.

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Kids & Teens Coding:

Weekend Tech Quests & Holiday Innovations

Suitable for kids and teenagers. The course explores endless possibilities in Kids and Teens ICT coding for Africa’s tech growth. They learn Scratch, Python, Web Dev, ARDUINO, Game and App Dev., IoT, and more. Enroll now and shape tomorrow’s tech landscape.

Benefits of coding for teens and Kids

  • Teaches electronics, interactive systems, and hands-on problem-solving.
  • Build web skills, logical thinking, web design opportunities.
  • Boosts creativity, logic, and analytical skills.
  • Develop understanding of human-machine interaction and logic.
  • Enhance creativity, logic, and programming skills.
  • Nurtures creativity, spatial awareness, and hands-on problem-solving.