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The holy book says that people perish because of lack of knowledge, and Patrick Mwai, the Head of ICT at RVIBS TVET College, believes the holy book was referring to digital skills.

According to the tech guru, if you do not get computing skills now, you are likely to be dropped out of what you are doing very soon.

Mwai, who is an ardent student of twitter billionaire and tech maniac Elon Musk, says technology is bringing a paradigm shift to every sector.

“ICT is taking a whole new dimension. It doesn’t matter what you do,” he said during an interview.

Mwai says every person must acquire digital skills to be able to maneuver in a fast-growing society that is leaning towards a digital generation.

“You need to be digitally literate. What is clear is that the future and in effect jobs and wealth is tied to the digital world. At the very least acquire skills in basic computing,” he added.

Mwai is setting up an innovation hub for ICT at the college dubbed Digi-Hub.

He said the hub will be a training ground for students and community members who want to venture into the world of ICT.

“We want our students and the community of Nakuru to be able to engage in innovation. We will achieve this by giving them space, computers, internet access and any singular technological resource they would require to do this,” he said.

The School of ICT partnered with America’s CITI Bank to fund the project which will also expose students to job markets in the US.

The Digi-hub is a very big project. One of its key components is business process outsourcing a new concept in Kenya, where our current students can be outsourced by other countries and work remotely,” Mwai added.